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You may choose to send all your data to an external printing company if the business is not about printing. Some firms assume that in-house printing is expensive or too difficult to setup. The assumption could not be further from the truth. An organization that invests in in-house printing solutions will realize benefits in the monetary sector and beyond. This perception applies to all sorts of prints, such as booklets, handouts, reports, or mail. 

Benefits of in-house printing services

The Hartley Press offers more in-house services than any other business in Florida. Our print shop in Tampa will help your business in the following ways:

Maintain your program

It is not much you can do to ensure that your orders have a timely production when you outsource printing services. The in-house alternative makes the printing to be about the client. There will be no other business going on except the output of the client’s orders.

Control the overall cost

Outsourced printing requires that you have an upfront fee for catering to services such as logistics. There is a significant expense every time you want to send data to the physical office. Additionally, you also have to cater to the cost of transporting back the documents. The option is not suitable for businesses that have frequent and high volume prints.

Avoid leakage

In-house production reduces the number of hands and eyes that have to go through your material. Sensitive information does not have to get outsourced printing when you can hire a firm that will help you limit the number of people in operation. Firms that print high-security information or next day news articles do not wish to leave room for possible leakage.

You may have to send data to an outsourced printing press over the Internet or through the office’s messenger personnel. This setup leaves room for breach of data. A print shop in Tampa, Florida with in-house printing bridges the gap of the delivery distance. You will be using your network and support team to produce and store the copies.


In-house printing gives you access to print and edit content as they come out. The external printing firm may not wish to send over every single printout for approval before advancing to the next stage. Eventually, you may end up making plenty of re-dos simply because you did not have the freedom to assure the quality in advance.

Waste management

You can print small batches with more frequency to avoid producing mass volumes that only become a waste in the end. This option will reduce environmental damage on the larger scale of things, and reduce the amount of waste in the office.


You can request printing of various materials while The Hartley Press is still in the office. This setup means that you will get multiple versions of products for clients or events. Outsourcing may limit you because you cannot change the instructions of the order on a whim. 

A close-by printing staff will be able to add, remove, and edit each part of the batch. The variation of products will serve the various desires of the target audience and give your business a marketing boost.



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