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Print Shop Saint Augustine

A perfect print job will make good use of paper and maximize the resources of the client and the print shop. The printing staff will always know which materials will make the best printing canvas. A newbie client not always be aware of the entire process. 

Our office tries to include the customer in as much of the business as possible. We detail all the resource tools in use and services available. Therefore, one can learn the bare minimum that will help in settling to a solution while discussing the project with The Hartley Press. 

Technical aspects that define a printing project

The choices available

Ask the print provider which process will suit the intended task. The quantity of material will also determine which mode is useful for the print. Our resources perform the following services:

  • PDF editing
  • Highly professional graphic art
  • File transfer uploader
  • Color proofing
  • Saddle stitching
  • Back up
  • Die-cutting
  • Stamping
  • Binding
  • Embossing
  • UV coating 
  • Template
  • Companies with considerable lengths of operation have become accustomed to questions about bleeding, trim, and non-print matters. Typically, they develop a template to showcase the different designs available. Ask the print shop in Saint Augustine to send you all the templates in place before agreeing to the job’s execution. This precaution will save time, money, energy, and a lot of paper. 

The bleed

Some printers do not keep templates. Ask about the bleed to ascertain that the job will be of good quality. The wrong bleed designs will delay the job and result in a weak outlook. The best bleed should allow a minimum of 3mm for average sizes and formats. Check with the print provider to confirm if the larger sizes have a bigger bleeding space. 


Images with a low resolution will cripple every other content and effort. The print provider should work with precisions that result in crispy and clear, high-quality content. The printing team will know how to work the various machines and file formats to give you the best image quality. The Hartley Press places a strong emphasis on quality because we also produce gallery prints.


The right paper size should accommodate the content and it into the theme of the job. It should also match with your desired size preference and fit into the stipulated budget. Ask the print shop in Saint Augustine about the best designs and sizes for each project. This factor is essential so that you do not have to settle for an A4 portrait magazine when what you wanted was a landscape A5 print out. 

Paper stock

The type of stock in use will render different results. A matte material has an entirely different effect from a gloss one. Specific content will do better on matte than gloss. Product portfolios have a better look at a glossy finish. Additionally, understanding the different types will give you options in payment. 


Different machines render different rates. Ask about digital printing because it does not require the transfer of plates, hence shorter turnarounds.

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