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The printing business has evolved a lot since the handwritten manuals of older generations. Companies are abandoning paper print for digital print, or combining them with hard copies. Despite these advances, legendary firms and businesses continue to put out paper print issues. The Cosmopolitan will not discontinue their magazine nor will the daily newspaper. Why do people still use printed-paper when a vast majority of the world’s populace has access to digital issues? 

Why print press shops are still in business


Hard copies are more comfortable to keep because they can stay in the office or at home for a long time. The online platform makes it possible to store vast amounts of data online. The difference with hard paper is that one only has to pull it out of the desk or drawer.


People prefer hard copies of reports because they tend to be more legitimate than the online counterparts. A statement that only has a softcopy format is easy to manipulate.


Both small and big businesses understand the importance of printing a hard copy brand message to create a more formidable relationship with the client. It is this reason that people continue to position billboards on highways and other high traffic areas.

Target marketing

People tend to mark frequent marketing messages as spam. They will never open your messages and may only do so as they try to unsubscribe. Printed content is different because you can deliver it directly to the hands of the target audience. Your prospective customers will bypass unsolicited news and ads, but they cannot ignore the well-designed colorful and glossy print.

Benefits of a digitally placed printing press company

The next step after establishing the power of paper print is to figure out how you can acquire the best printing press company. You must consider a firm with an online presence. This setup gives you better results than using an utterly offline business.

Low-cost solution

Small businesses do not need to visit the print shop in Ocala to set up the first printing batch. You can start the first order by simply placing a request through The Hartley Press page and transact a small fee to cater to the logistics and services.

Ease of access

Our portal has a secure customer page that consolidates all your history with the business. You can track your activities and communicate to our online customer care support from the convenience of your home or office. You can upload content you wish to print and receive a quote before we agree on the deal.


An online placed business will place their sales and news information on the web portal. It may not be evident that the company has an offer if they do not have eye-catching signs on the entrances and reception areas. You can, however, refresh your browser to view new sales or information about a change of services.


Online-placed businesses will always have more reviews than ones that prefer to have a completely offline operation. A print shop in Ocala with an online presence will keep you in the loop of customer reviews.


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