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Mail Matters!

A Postal Customer's Guide to Mailing  Download here


Do you have a CRID (customer registration ID) and a MID (mailer ID)?   If you do, please give those numbers to your customer service representative or salesperson. Each mail customer must have their own unique mailer ID to be used in conjunction with the Intelligent Mail Barcode. If you do not obtain your own, we will assign a number to you.

If you do not already have a CRID or MID, you may create an account on the Business Customer Gateway and obtain these numbers.

Start the process here.


Option 1 – Mail using the Hartley Press permit 877 from Jacksonville, FL.  You will need to pay postage in advance of your mail date each time if you choose this option. See payment options below.

Option 2 – Obtain your own permit and open a CAPS account for postage payment.  Apply for your own permit here.

You may apply for your own permit to mail from Jacksonville, FL and link that permit to a CAPS account for postage payment. If you choose this option, all the forms and instructions are included in the folder called Mail Forms & Guidelines.  All permits must be linked to a CAPS debit account for postage payment. Use the following links to set up your CAPS account:

Option 3 – You may have your own permit for mailings that will drop ship to the location of the permit.


If you are a Periodical publication we will need to obtain additional entry in Jacksonville, FL. We need your USPS publication number and current offices of publication.

You can find a link to the Application for Additional Entry here.

Are you not mailing Periodicals but are interested in doing so? Start here.




We are required by the USPS to pay postage in advance when we enter the mail into the system. Therefore we must have postage funds in advance of the mail date. There are many ways to get us your postage funds:

1. CAPS debit account for postage payment. We encourage clients to open a CAPS account for postage payment. This is not mandatory (unless you are co-mailing), but it is a convenient and efficient way to pay your postage without having to send a check every time you mail. Advance payment. You may send advance postage by check each time you mail. Please send your payment so that we receive it at least 1 day before your publication is scheduled to mail. Checks should be made payable to the Postmaster General for the actual amount of postage due.  We will pass this check on to the post office when we deliver the mail.

2. Check by phone or wire transfer. These options are available. Please contact Lisa McConnaughey at 904 / 398-5141 or for details.

3. Permanent deposit. You may send us a postage deposit that we will keep in your account for postage payment. You will pay the postage each time on your invoice, but the postage deposit will remain in your account. It will be refunded if you change payment methods or there is a change in your account.


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